Software Developer

I started by learning Ruby on Rails on my own, then learned how to program with Ruby. I mostly used functional side of Ruby, and I went ever deeper into functional programming. I dabbled with Elixir, Haskell, and Idris in turn. Currently I’m writing Elm at work.

I love exploring new paradigms through new languages. Currently I’m interested in trying out logic programming with Mercury, low level programming with Rust, and classic object oriented programming with Pharo.

I like functional programming because it lets me focus on issues closer to everyday life by abstracting away details such as memory or state management. I like statically typed languages because they train me to write correct software without taking shortcuts.


I love expanding mental horizon through new experiences, not just for software development but also for life in general. I studied psychology and information science (HCI) in college; I’ve been a co-founder, military officer, and interpreter. I enjoy meeting with new people from diverse backgrounds.

Even as a software developer, I am equally interested in the human and business aspects of the field as much as in its technical and academic aspects. I think about writing correct programs when writing code, discuss better ways to collaborate when talking to colleagues, and read computer science and social science books in turn whenever I have some time at hand.