I'm a Product Manager Now

More than two years have passed since I wrote my last post, and in the meantime, many have asked me when I’m writing the next one. Well, I’m finally publishing a new post with a big news. As the title says, I got a new job as a product manager as I moved to a new company.

Why? I wanted more agency in creating a valuable product, more than what a software developer could have. In my previous job, the product I worked on got nowhere. Our first product manager left soon after launching the product, having burnt out. The next product manager also did not stay for long. Then came months-long anarchy. Without a product manager, our product just drifted. Everyone on the team worked hard to save it. Designers improved the usability, developers improved the software performance, and marketers launched new marketing campaigns. But they were of no avail. Users left, team morale tanked, and team members started leaving the company.

In the end, when the ship lacks a destination, it doesn’t matter how hard I row. I got the product manager role after talking with the leadership. Unfortunately the company’s finance had worsened so much in the meantime that I had to leave it four months after taking the role, without finishing the project I was leading. After that I landed a new job as a product manager, where I’ve been working for about a year and a half now. It has been an interesting ride since then.

I’ve actually been trying to write about product manager experience for a few months, but it was a bit harder than writing tech posts. For tech posts, I’d figured out my favorite way to write them: a problem, a solution, and supporting facts and arguments. It was straightforward. But I’m still figuring out how to write product posts. Who would be my audience? How would I structure it? How long would it be? I’ve been stuck there for months, but I finally decided to screw it all and just publish the posts a la Amy Hoy. The posts will be rough around the edges, but they will be more frequent. My ambition is to publish a post every week. So stay tuned!